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Responsible Dog Owners Day 2008

Responsible Dog Owners Day features all sorts of activity for both dogs and their owners. The photographs below show some of our canine and human participants. Fun, food, and games are enjoyed by everybody. The day also features a canine massage therapist and aromatherapist, an animal communicator, groomers, trainers, breeders and pet product samples and information. Everyone is invited to bring family, friends and pets for a day of fun, food and games.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Responsible Dog Owners Day!

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The Dog Parage at Responsible Dog Owners Day 2008 Many dogs and owners participate in the Dog Parade
Big dogs, little dogs, all dogs at MYNE Two owners with their charming pair of dogs
A guest with two little dogs The Blessing of the Animals
Little canine pals Human and dog friends
Kneeling on the lawn with two dogs Dogs and people having fun
Dogs on a walk An obedience training session
Two dogs walk their owner Four dogs in a photo group
Kathy and Czar Discussing pet behavior
Ken and Fred

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